Are you looking to add a touch of class to your furniture? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Here at Trinca-Ferro, we stock a variety of hand crafted furniture and door knobs. Each of which are elegantly embellished with exquisite detail.

This range is made up of vintage and retro knobs. They are forever stylish, capable of adding a splash of character and charm to any style of home. They will complement your period-true furniture, completing the chic style you’ve been working on. Vintage knobs offer a truly timeless style, whether you want something traditional and rustic, or bright and bold.
They are ideal for making a statement and create impact in distinguished settings. Invite a butterfly or spring flower into your home with our creative designs. Some are crafted into the shape of an animal, others resemble flowers, and some are painted with intricate designs and patterns.
There are various styles of retro knob to choose from, in all shapes and sizes. This includes circles, squares and many other unique designs, such as strawberries and sea shells. You could mix and match a variety of vintage knobs, to bring out your artistic personality. Alternatively, you could pick a theme, for example, floral. Our vintage knobs are the ultimate accessories, breathing new life into any old piece of furniture. They can be used for endless creative furniture restoration and upcycle projects, for example, coat storage. Perhaps you could use a retro knob to add the perfect finishing touch to your Victorian doors, or Art Deco chest of drawers. Why not recapture the romance of travel and timeless memories with one of our vintage knobs? You might find that one reminds you of your travels, for example one of our eastern inspired retro knobs might cause you to reminisce about travels to the Middle East. Or a Van Gogh inspired ceramic flower knob may take you back to a trip to Holland. You might find one that reminds you of someone special. Take a look at our range below and find something that suits you. We have such a wide choice of retro knobs, we are sure there is something here for everybody.