Why not dress your drawers with us at Trinca-Ferro

We offer a stunning selection of ceramic, glass, acrylic and metal knobs to bring new life to doors and cupboards throughout your home. Our prices are unbeatable and our variety is endless, yet the collection seems to grow by the minute. Originally launched in Brazil, our online hardware boutique specialises in vintage knobs, always with a special, carefully selected touch of charm. We have been in business for more than eighteen years. We buy what we like and we like what we buy.

We have worked hard to develop a style that values the beautiful simplicity of the objects used in our daily lives. We are very proud of all of our products, and believe that they are produced to the highest quality possible. Our gorgeously decorated knobs are fantastic for any style of home, whether you’re after a subtle vintage piece or something bold to make a style statement, we’ll have something for you.

Our styles range from pure vintage through to shabby chic, funky and modern to traditional. Our decorative knobs are available in a range of colours. There is always something new in our ever expanding range. You can buy drawer knobs and other hardware items with Trinca-Ferro knowing that your payment will be secure, the shipping will be low cost with fast tracked delivery guaranteed. We have a great back up service on deliveries so you can be sure that you will receive your items with no problems.

Bring new life to old doors and cupboards throughout your home with our products. We believe we have something for everyone in our store, so have a browse through our range of beautiful decorative knobs now and find the perfect addition to your home. Why not start with our vintage knobs range?

Our Brand Story

Trinca-Ferro – Born in Rio de Janeiro Trinca-Ferro, the first “Hardware Boutique” was set up in 2009 in Gavea Rio de Janeiro as new investment by the Rupee Rupee.Group with over 15 years in the decoration market and stores in both Rio de Janeiro in Rio and Salvador in Bahia, Brazil.

Trinca-Ferro Shopping da Gávea

Rupee Rupee was born in 1992 and developed reputation for a style that values beauty, quality, usefulness and simplicity of the objects used in our daily lives.

Trinca-Ferro opened its first store on the 1st floor of the Shopping da Gávea in Rio de Janeiro in late 2009 launching this new concept in décor. We have worked hard to develop a style that values the beautiful simplicity of the objects used in our daily lives. We are very proud of all of our products, and believe that they are produced to the highest quality possible. Our gorgeously decorated knobs are fantastic for any style of home, whether you’re after a subtle vintage piece or something bold to make a style statement, we’ll have something for you.

The second store in Ipanema followed soon afterwards. Both locations enjoyed a huge impact and a lot of press attention. It was when we realized that things had fast moved on and we had a global market that the decision was made to take the venture www.trinca-ferro.com completely virtual.

Vision, Mission and Values

The world is changing fast all around us and it became clear that to continue to thrive as a business over the coming years that we must look ahead and understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future. In these changing times we must all get ready for tomorrow today.

Our Mission

Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

  • To change the way that people buy the products we sell delivering the best possible value directly from our production.
  • To bring people of different nationalities, sex and religions together to work on one global plan
  • To create great value and make a difference.

Our Vision

Our vision is a simple framework developed for us to be able to implement our mission and to be able to continue to achieve sustainable quality growth.

  • People: Trinca-Ferro is a great place to work and we look for and reward inspiration in our small and well selected team.
  • Portfolio: We are trying to bring the most complete set of products in our field to the world always with an eye on combining new trends with the best vintage looks.
  • Partners: Our partners are our customers and our suppliers. Together we can create mutual, enduring value.
  • Planet: Being a responsible citizen really makes a difference and we as a company can help to build and support a more sustainable world.
  • Profit: To work on bringing a long-term return to our shareowners while always being attentive of our overall responsibilities.
  • Productivity: Always be efficient and work diligently to become a lean and fast growing organization.

Our Values

The way in which we go out to the world in terms of action and behavior.

  • Leadership: The courage and vision to shape a better future
  • Collaboration: Team work is all, together we are better.
  • Integrity: keep it real
  • Accountability: Take responsibility for our actions
  • Passion: We love what we buy and we buy what we love.
  • Diversity: Our mix is what makes us match.
  • Quality: What we do, we do well

Market Focus

  • The main focus is always on the needs of our customers.
  • Always get out there into the market and listen, observe and see where you can innovate
  • Keep the vision Global
  • Focus on better execution in the marketplace every day
  • Always be curious

Quality Policy

The Directors, Management and Staff Trinca-Ferro are fully committed to achieving and maintaining high levels of quality in all aspects of the company's business. This policy is approved by all the levels of management within the organisation.

The company operates a quality system which emphasises problem prevention rather than detection and correction.

Each employee is responsible for the quality of his or her own work and must ensure it meets the requirements of customers. Every effort is made to ensure that each person in the organisation understands the importance of our quality assurance program and how they can assist in the achievement of the company’s quality objectives. It is the policy of the company to deliver a range of products which meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. It is our objective to deliver a defect free product, on time, at a competitive cost to every customer, achieve customer satisfaction, and regularly review performance and objectives.

The company only sources products and services from companies which have a proven commitment to quality. We constantly review our suppliers to ensure their products continue to meet our requirements. The goal of the company is to continuously improve quality and this policy is reviewed regularly.

Why Us

Trinca- Ferro is very much a labour of love that is accumulation of the work of many years for all those involved.. The project for us is somewhere between and obsession and a dream....we buy what we love and we love what we buy.........this counts!

Some of the many benefits of buying with www.trinca-ferro.com

  • We sell straight from our production keeping our prices unbeatable!
  • We offer a money back guarantee on all purchases if you are not satisfied.
  • Our service is friendly and personal, we are always here to offer advice
  • We always have huge variety in stock and new designs every month
  • We ship through the fast and efficient DHL fully tracked Courier service.

What is a Trinca-Ferro?

Vision, Mission and Values Quality Policy Why us What is a Trinca-Ferro? Our Products De-constructed What is a Trinca-Ferro? The Trinca-Ferro is an extremely territorial Brazilian songbird and because of this the male sings loudly to demarcate its territory and ward off other males of its domain. The male and female are identical and the singing is the only factor that distinguishes them. As males compete for the territory, one wants to sing louder than the other of course mainly to gain the attention of the females. Thus when a Trinca-Ferro begins to sing another then soon presents itself starting a fully fledged singing duel.

The bird is highly prized by breeders and is a constant target of smugglers of wild animals. The captive breeding requires special authorization from IBAMA, the Brazilian Government Ecological department, since this bird is part of the Brazilian fauna. It is recommended for those interested in raising this bird to buy only ringed specimens from certified breeders in order to prevent smuggling of birds. The reason for all this fuss is of course the big weekend past time in many parts of the Brazilian interior of betting on whose bird out sings the other. Competitions often start with up to 40 birds in a large room and the Males are gradually removed as they run out of song. This usually leaves a final showdown between the last two or three “Big macho males.” A stud long singing male can be worth up to UD$ 10,000 dollars to the right breeder. Its natural habitat is the edge of the woods and is hardly being found in regions of dense forest preferring to live in more savanna type areas.

Our Products De-constructed

Here is a fun way to see our products in their component form: