Ceramic Cabinet Knobs & Cupboard Knobs

Discover a great variety of beautiful knobs on Trinca-Ferro’s online hardware boutique. Our knobs are the perfect way to add finishing touches to any room in your home. We embellish our homes with various decorative accessories, why not choose attractive knobs for your furniture or vintage coat hooks that tie into to your décor theme?
Whether you make your own furniture, or are looking to revamp existing pieces, choosing decorative door and drawer knobs can make all the difference. If you are looking for gift ideas, then you should check out our new range of coat hooks and decorative items, including ornaments, bottle stoppers and coasters. Transform any piece of furniture, for example a chest of drawers, dresser, cabinet or wardrobe, to achieve the look you desire. Vintage door knobs are particularly popular for creating the shabby chic theme that is currently very much in vogue. Why not rescue a forgotten item from a charity shop and upcycle with a lick of paint and some new unusual door knobs which will make the item as good as new, if not better.
At Trinca-Ferro we sell a huge variety of knobs including ceramic, glass, vintage, acrylic, bone and metal knobs. Our ceramic cabinet knobs come in a range of styles, both classic and creative. Many of our ceramic knobs are intricately painted with stunning designs while others are molded into pretty shapes, such as flowers, so whatever theme your room, we’re sure you can find ceramic drawer knobs to match.
Glass knobs are ideal for a vintage feel. Perhaps you have a period home that you are restoring to its former glory, why wouldn’t you want the furniture to match? Antique furniture could be out of your price range, but by changing your cabinet door knobs you can achieve the look at a fraction of the cost. We have plenty of choice from simple to elaborate, transparent to colourful. Many designs come in a choice of colours so you can choose your favorite.
If you’re looking for fun, decorative additions to your furniture, we have some lovely lighthearted options in our acrylic knob range. For example, the acrylic retro button knob resembles a large button and comes in eight vibrant colours. The button knob would be great fun in a children’s room, or perhaps a living room with a retro vibe.
The Trinca-Ferro collection of decorative door knobs suit any room around the home. Put your own stamp on your furniture and built in cupboards. You could mix them or match them to reflect your own personal style and tastes. Changing your kitchen cupboard door knobs can give your kitchen a new lease of life. We have some seashell shaped ceramic knobs that would be perfect as bathroom cabinet knobs, and the metal etched knobs would look stunning in ethnic themed rooms. You might find ceramic cabinet knobs that remind you of your travels around the world.



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