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Three Top Interior Trends for Knobs That Will Update Your Home Instantly

1. Textured Stone

As the world moves away from plastics and acrylics, the use of natural materials in home furnishing is growing rapidly. At Trinca-Ferro, our customers love our exclusive agate and crystal strong knobs and accessories and now you can buy them in handy sets of six. They look equally good in living rooms as well as bedrooms.

2. Flower Power

The desire to bring the outside in continues in 2019 with the resurgence of flowers in the home. As well as some incredibly realistic fake flowers, interior designers are using flower cushions, vases and plates to bring a natural feel to their clients’ homes. Leading interiors store Trinca-Ferro offers its customers a wide range of flower knobs.

3. Folk & Gypsy

As people continue to travel more, the desire to bring global trends back to their homes continues and 2019 will see the look and feel of Folk and Gypsy as a big interiors story. Think embroidered cushions, shaggy rugs and hand-stitched blankets. Trinca-Ferro offer the chance to decorate your home with this cute new look with

  • Mar 24, 2020
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