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How to bring the seaside into your home

Nothing is more inspiring than a holiday by the sea, whether it’s Nice or Newquay and an easy to keep the holiday vibe alive when you get home is to bring some sunshine inspired colours and textures into your home. At Trinca-ferro we love seaside blues, whites and creams. From inky dark blue to dazzling and fresh white, these colours work well together in any combination. Mix and match is a trend we are seeing a lot from interior designers this year and at Trinca-ferro we’ve done the hard work for you by creating some great mixed sets.

Look out for xxxxx and xxxx. But if you prefer a more pared down look you’ll find loads of lovely summery knobs, pulls and hooks on our site too.

Natural sunny textures work well indoors too – look out for cool neutrals and don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures for a truly funky bohemian look.
  • Mar 28, 2020
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