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5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home in 2019

1. Weather outside frightful?Then use January to get your home into tip top shape. Spend a day armed with boxes to sort through your house. Start with your kitchen and living room first before moving into your bedrooms and bathroom. Get the kids to do the same too and reward them with their favourite dinner/a trip to the movies. Use three boxes for the task – one for things to keep; one for things to give away to charity and one for stuff you are not sure about. Be as ruthless as you can and get a friend to help you out – they will help with the ‘should I keep this?’ question

2. Tidy up your wardrobe in a jiffy by getting rid of any clothes or shoes you haven’t worn in the last two years. You’ll be surprised by what you really wear

3. Take a look at the ornaments and knick knacks in your home. Do you really need them all? Aim to lose at least 30% of them.

4. Take a look at the fantastic knobs and hooks at You’ll find something here for every home style and budget. A quick and easy way of sorting out your jewellery and scarves is to add some decorative hooks to your walls so you can see what you’ve got in an instant

5. Invest in some clear shoe boxes, photograph the shoes and put them in your wardrobe where you can see them. This will help you see where your favourite shoes are instantly

  • Mar 24, 2020
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