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5 Easy Ways to be inspired by Marie Kondo

We’re loving how Japanese tidy queen Marie Kondo is inspiring people around the world to tidy up their homes – and their lives. Follow our five tips too for instant tidiness gratification

Box things up. Make-up in a clutter? Want to tidy up the contents of your fridge? We love the wide range of mini storage boxes you can buy at Muji. Suddenly your lipsticks have a home and there’s something strangely satisfying about have a special space in the fridge to store your cheese or your herbs.

Declutter with a friend. Got a spare afternoon one weekend and a willing friend? Then, armed with some sturdy bin liners, tackle your wardrobe with the aim of getting rid of at least 30% of your clothes. Give then to your friend if they like them or better still, to a local charity shop

Ornament Overdrive. One thing that always makes a home look cluttered is too many ornaments so follow the same minus 30% rule and your home will start looking better instantly


Clean up with Trinca-Ferro. Leading interiors site sells a wide selection of knobs and hooks and regular customers know that their attractive hooks are fantastic for sorting out your clutter, providing a great way of seeing your necklaces and scarves in an instant

Tackle your kitchen worktops. It’s so easy to buy every kitchen gadet you love but before you know it, you’ll discover that your kitchen surfaces look really cluttered. So be bold and only display the gadgets you use every day – your kettle/coffee machine/toaster/microvave/knife set. It’s a quick fix for instant decluttering karma


  • Mar 24, 2020
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