Trinca-Ferro Wholesale Trade Account

Please note: If you already have a Trinca-Ferro Wholesale Trade Account simply log in and place your order. 

If you wish to open a new wholesale trade account with us please click the button below to start your application process. After approval you will be able to log in and buy using the special rate trade prices & products available to our wholesale customers throughout the Trinca-Ferro website. There is a minimum order quantity of £150.00 on the first order and from then on this drops to just £60.00. The shipping cost is included free of charge.

Here are some reasons for you to buy with Trinca-Ferro:

• We are the original Hardware Boutique and we make and design the best products for the best prices. Our range will soon reach 1000 knobs and many other items including coat hooks and other useful and sellable hardware.

• We sell straight from production keeping our prices unbeatable!

• We offer a money back guarantee on all purchases if you are not satisfied.

• Our service is friendly and personal, we are always here to offer advice

• We ship through the fast and efficient DHL fully tracked Courier service. 

• All packages are individually quality checked and images are recorded to ensure quality is monitored.

• We launch new exciting knobs and other products every few months

If you have any questions or special request please feel free to email us at:

Ready? Get your trade account now...!