Foresters Clockface Knob

Foresters Clockface Knob

  • Diameter 3.8 x Depth 2.2 x Screw Size 4.5 cm
  • No additional hardware required. Tighten with care

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    Chic Home Decor Knob

    The charming Foresters Clockface Knob is an absolutely classic vintage knob. This unique furniture knob features a retro clock face. The numbers are written in Roman numerals, and the face includes an elegant design. It has a diameter of 3.8cm, a depth of 2.2cm and a screw size of 2.5cm. This is potentially a good fit for a family kitchen.

    This is one of the many timeless styles that we have available in our range. Homemade from ceramic and iron, the Foresters vintage clock face knob looks great on any piece of furniture.

    Whether you’re looking for a classic retro knob for your wardrobe, a stylish door knob or a cool and chic cupboard knob for your home, look no further! Our Foresters Clockface Knob is ideal.

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