Set of 12 Blue and White Knobs

Set of 12 Blue and White Knobs

  • Diameter 4.0 x Depth 4.0 x Screw Size 3.0 cm (Sizes average around this)
  • No additional hardware required. Tighten with care

  • OR


    If you’re looking to upcycle your furniture or update the look of your home décor and you’re not quite sure where to begin, this fun and unique collection of Trinca-Ferro blue and white furniture knobs is a great place to start! This set of 12 knobs will work wonderfully on cabinets, cupboards, dresser drawers and so much more. You will love the variety and the design that they bring to your living space!

    The unique decorative blue and white knobs you receive may be slightly different than pictured. All are completely lovely and will help you quickly and affordably update the look of your interior design.


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