Vintage Copper and Brass Scissors for Collectors and Crafters

If you are a collector of vintage items, sewing tools or craft supplies, you will love our new line of heavy weight brass and copper scissors! They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are perfect for displaying. You can also put them into action and use them for your next sewing project to cut thick fabric, in your next scrapbooking project to cut heavy paper or any other craft project you can think of.  Explore our unique selection and you are sure to find a pair that meets your needs.


This unique collection of new and vintage scissors is perfect for collectors – whether you collect scissors, vintage items or sewing tools, you will find many pieces here that would make a wonderful addition to your collection. If you have a love of quality sewing and crafting supplies then you will find many pieces here you adore as well.  Our scissors are heavy weight and completely functional!

Designed with quality in mind, your unique brass or copper scissor will last you for years to come and will become an artisan’s best friend and one of your favourite home accessories. Keep these scissors handy and you soon won’t know what you did without them! Make sure to check out our entire selection below – we have a wide assortment for you to choose from.

Trinca-Ferro has been in the homes interior market for nearly two decades. We pride ourselves in quality merchandise and top notch customer service. Feel free to browse our whole shop and let us know how we can help you.

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