Embossed Knobs (set of 10 asorted)

Embossed Knobs (set of 10 asorted)

  • Diameter 4.0 x Depth 4.0 x Screw Size 3.0 cm (Sizes average around this)
  • No additional hardware required. Tighten with care

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    This unique set of 10 embossed ceramic furniture knobs is a fun collection that will have you wondering why you didn’t decide to update the look of your furniture sooner. These special knobs are slight seconds which means that you get a big discount here in our Offer Zone! While they may have some slight flaws, they are all perfectly functional and will improve the look of any piece of furniture you put them on.

    These decorative knobs install in just a few minutes and are perfect for upcycling old furniture to make it feel new again. The furniture door knobs you receive may vary from what is pictured, but with such a beautiful collection you’re sure to love them. Use them on cabinets, cupboards, dresser drawers or even for craft projects.


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